“I never get tired of seeing that look on a person’s face when they see an Evergraph for the first time.”
~ Emily Journey

We are artists at heart, dedicated to ensuring that each Evergraph we craft captures the nuances, details, emotions and memories of the photos entrusted to us. Our sculpture studio is located in Bexley, Ohio. Feel free to touch base and talk to us about your special photos. We enjoy hearing your stories. In fact, that’s the best part of our work.

Evergraph was founded by creative entrepreneurs Emily Journey and Mark Long. After an intensive, year-long apprenticeship, Hannah Moore became the Principal Artisan at Evergraph and is responsible for personally creating all of the special gifts requested through the Evergraph Brand. She’s living her dream of skillfully creating wonderful works of art that mean the world to our customers. If it’s not made by Hannah, then it’s not an Evergraph.

We take your passions personally.

It’s true that anyone with the right tools can carve an image from a photograph into a more durable material. But only Evergraph ensures that each and every photo is treated with the kind of personalized attention it deserves. We work with you throughout the decision-making process, helping you select photographs that will give you the very best results. We spend a great deal of time adjusting each photo before carving ever begins. And we guarantee the absolute finest customer service, responding promptly to requests, being honest about the results you can expect based on photo quality, and responding to your passions with one of our own: ensuring that each and every Evergraph is as perfect and unique as the subject it depicts.

A photo might last a lifetime, but an Evergraph lives forever.

Extraordinarily durable, Evergraphs are destined to become family heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation. When illuminated, their incredibly fine and detailed images belie their innate toughness–we actually encourage you to touch their surface. With an Evergraph, you can display your most treasured images without fear of breaking, bending, yellowing or fading. And if they get smudged with dirt or dust, no harm done. Just clean the surface with a cotton ball and acetone.

An intersection of art and technology.

Technically, an Evergraph is made with the help of a machine, but it’s what happens before and after the carving process that makes a sculpture a true Evergraph. We bring a unique kind of artistry to the process, searching for the special nuances of every photograph with which we work. We continually learn and grow, and as we experiment with cropping, color, new edge technologies, and lighting choices. We look for new ways to bring our customers’ passions to light.