How Fast?

We’re fast.

From the moment we receive your photo, it takes only 5 to 7 days for us to complete your Evergraph and prepare it for shipping. In reality, it’s not unusual for us to create your Evergraph within 24 hours of receiving your photo. But, we would rather under-promise and over-deliver when it comes to making promises.

What kind of photos do you accept?

We can make your Evergraph from just about any type of photo. We’ve turned wallet-sized photos into 8×10 images. The original photo can be from Facebook or your phone. It can be a scanned photo. The original photo can be color or black & white. Leave the photo editing to us.

Can you make my photo less blurry?

No. Unfortunately, we haven’t figured out to improve photos in this way. But, sometimes a photo is precious not because of the quality. Sometimes a photo is precious because of the memory it holds.

Can you make these in color?

No. There is no color involved in creating an Evergraph. There is only the illusion of color. That is the science of light! You can certainly use a different color light bulb with our nightlights.

How long does the light last?

In our framed Evergraphs, we use a patented technology of a long-life, low-heat LED light panel. Our light panels are expected to last 50,000 hours or about 6 years if you leave your Evergraph on 24 hours a day every day. Pretty amazing! We also offer replacement light panels.
When the LED panel is ready to be replaced, it will not burn out like incandescent bulbs. Rather, the light will gradually dim when it gets close to that 50,000 hour mark.

Can you work with my old black and white creased print?

Yes. As a complimentary service to our customers, we clean up the digital version of your scanned photo before creating an Evergraph. We also email you the cleaned up digital version in the event you want to make a fresh print.

What is the material you are carving?

We carve Evergraphs into a hard, non-porous material designed to last generations. In fact, they are so durable, we recommend occasional cleaning with a acetone. The base material from which we start is also commonly used in the construction of high quality kitchen counter tops.

What if I have special instructions for my order?

If you would like to have your photo cropped in a special way or want a note included with your order then you will have the opportunity to provide us with this information during the checkout process.

Do these have to be plugged in?

The nightlights and framed Evergraphs need to be plugged in for illumination. The nightlights use a traditional incandescent 7 watt bulb. Therefore, they have a stronger glow toward the center of the nightlight.
The framed Evergraphs contain a long-life LED light panel and they have a 6-foot long cord attached. The cord has an on/off switch for the light.

How often will the LED light panel need to be replaced?

The light panel will last about 5 years if left on all the time. So, don’t worry about leaving the light on. It will last a long time.